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What is Dynamic Cellular Disruption® (DCD®)?

The Dynamic Cellular Disruption® (DCD®) process is a patented, revolutionary, non-chemical, non harmful heat extraction method using up to 18 proprietary steps, whereby all organic material is reduced to molecular level and can be used in a variety of applications.

Why develop it and How does it work?

DCD® increases yields and actives from the material. The science has proven with DCD® that you increase the actives levels and yields from organic materials.

Lycopene – 2000% improvement against industry norm
Hoodia up to 2185% improvement against industry norm
5 HTP only non chemical 99.9% pure extract
Rooibos – 9,000 H-Orac anti oxidant per gramn Rooibos
Wattle – 65-70% pure tannin/polyphenol extract per gram

Benefits of DCD®

Cost effective
Preserves integrity of the plant material
99.999998% of the “actives“ are bio-available (promoting increased absorption) to the body.

How can DCD® help you?

DCD® can be used to extract ANY active molecule from any natural ingredient.

Thinking of a new diet pill? Face cream? Cellulite gel? Flavoured water? Foodstuff? Health product? Medicinal product? Biofuel extraction?etc….

can help you by formulating to your specific requirements and extracting any molecule you desire.

The DCD® Difference?


Further, the use of the DCD® process ensures that Green Cell Technologies® is able to stabilise the ‘active’ and preserve its integrity and nutritional values.
Extracting and reducing to a nano level allows GCT® to produce other products aside from the traditional pill/tablet format. These include but are not limited to; water soluble powders or in a water disbursable format for use in smoothies; bars; creams; juices etc.

Our Future


  • GCT® wants to evolve into a world leader in organic material active extraction and educate the world about the benefits of its use at an affordable cost to everyone.
  • We want to use the IP to improve food production with no waste and ensure that no one goes hungry and that the earth is not harmed in the process. GCT® wants to improve overall health and wellness whilst protecting and sustaining communities and the environment.


  • To provide the IP for the production of pure and quality nutritional supplements that are affordable, accessible and that effectively perform the task they have been designed to do.
  • To continue to evolve our technology to seek cost effective and non-denaturing solutions to isolating and extracting active ingredients from organic materials to provide better, higher quality and more effective products than are currently available in the market, in as few steps as possible.
  • GCT® wants to improve the overall health of the earth through providing licensed IP for producing non harmful commodities.
  • To de-mystify the supplementation market

Divisions of Enhancement



Green Cell Technologies® is cultivating and growing targeted micro-organisms fed on extracted DCD® molecules, which can be ploughed back into the soil to improve the overall quality of the earth in which fruit, vegetables and cereals are grown, as well as into animal feed which in turn boosts the quality of livestock.

This will lead to producing healthier and more nutritious crops and animals that are NOT genetically modified.

Our Agricultural division is split into two distinct sub-divisions, namely:


Natural animal husbandry – internal and topical applications. What we do for humans, we can apply to animals, producing healthier and more nutritious food supplies, breeding stock, racing stock; this can equally apply to domestic animals….


We have the IP capability to replace chemical based fungicides, pesticides, anti-microbrial, anti-viral sprays with organic and natural alternatives that work.



Sports and general health nutrition where we can provide licensed IP for the extraction of actives or formulations. Our R&D department in conjunction with our research partners ensure that we are abreast of the latest trends and in some instances ahead, being that we are constantly working on new products and assessing global needs.


GCT® uses its vast knowledge, experience and IP to produce more effective natural extracts for use in medicines, working with a number of renowned global brands. It currently has products for use in combating Malaria, significantly boosting health and “fight ability” in immune compromised patients – HIV/Aids management that will not contra-indicate with traditional Malaria and TB treatments that significantly enhance the immune system – naturally – obviating the negative side effects of ARV’s over time and to the extent where it may be possible to stop chemical intervention. (This is not quackery and we are more than prepared to substantiate this.) as well as, cardiovascular, blood pressure stabilization, and more…


Applicable extracts derived from the DCD® process can be easily used and adapted for advanced care lotions and potions (for external use) that are again, NATURAL. Because of the nano quality of the molecules derived from the process, the active is absorbed into the skin and penetrates the dermis readily and effortlessly.

Food & Beverage

GCT® has revolutionized the food and beverage industry by supplying DCD® extracted molecules and actives to producers. For example, we can use whole fruit (skin and all) and through our process produce fruit juices that retain 100% of the goodness from the original fruit and a higher yield as there is no waste. There is little or no residue as the material is reduced to molecular level. The process is also cost effective, reducing cost of finished product making this more profitable or affordable. The lack of waste, reduces negative impact on the environment. The same can apply to any food stuff including vegetables, meat and fish which can also be in powder form, thus providing easier methods of nutrition to the world’s starving population with no harmful preservatives necessary.

“Let your food be your medicine, and medicine be your food”